Tomoe Gozen's Cabin



Tomoe Gozen's cabin is made of yellowish wood and samurai paintings and banners hang on the walls outside. Inside, futons (or mats) are neatly folded. There is a storage at the back that is filled with naginatas, spears, bows and arrows. There are also horse food and gear stored in a separate shelter. The cabin is empty most of the time since the Hunters are mostly away on hunts.


Head Huntress

Lieutenant Huntress


Non-Hunters That Are Able to Stay Here



Campers Not Year Round

Former Members

Powers and Traits

  1. Hunters of Tomoe are stronger, quicker and more accurate than normal demigods.
  2. Hunters of Tomoe aren't immortal and may die in battle, but they retain a more youthful appearance than others.
  3. Hunters of Tomoe are able to withstand extreme heat and cold.
  4. Hunters of Tomoe are great fighters and hold greater fighting prowess than others.
  5. Hunters of Tomoe are skilled at archery, combat, leadership and horse riding.
  6. Hunters of Tomoe are skilled in making wise decisions.


I, (name), pledge to follow the ways of Tomoe Gozen, to become a leader, warrior serve for the better and endure any hardships I may face with sheer will and determination.