General Info

This is an upcoming minor character in Camp Half-Blood Roleplaying Wiki.


Name: Pridd

Gender: Male

God Parent: None. Creator is Hephaestus

Mortal Parent: None.

Appearance: Like most automatons, made of metal but colored blue. Big and contains many compartments on body.

Personality: Gentle and peaceful nature but takes aggresive action when certain situations apply for it.

Species: Automaton

History: During the last stage of the Trojan War, Hephaestus decided to create Pridd as a back up automaton when the battle is not in their favor. But when Pridd was newly made and ready for action, the Trojan War ended so Hephaestus' effort on making Pridd was useless. He eventually shut him down and kept him in his workshop untouched for many years. When Camp Half-Blood was founded, Hephaestus decided that this is the best idea to use Pridd. To compensate for his uselessness in the Trojan War, Hephaestus activated him again to station in guarding the borders of Camp Half-Blood and even demigods when they are in trouble at camp.

Weapons: Many kinds of bladed and blunt weapon except guns.


  • He is very resistant to most attacks and elements except very strong acid.
  • He carries a lot of weapons inside his mechanical body but due to this, he can be slow in movement. Some weapons can be used by humans.
  • He has great strength and durability.
  • He has great immunity against fire.
  • His programming can be modified so that he can turn into a rampaging, maniacal machine. But after use he will overheat and needs extreme repairs. He will also attack anyone in its path when this modification is made.