Evergreen Fernandez
Daughter of Deimos
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Basic Info
Full Name Evergreen Brennan Fernandez
Pronunciation ˈevərˌgrēn
Meaning Fresh, remains green, enduring
Born December 22nd1996
Current Age 17
Gender Female
Species Demigod
Sexuality Straight
Status Alive
Zodiac Sign Capricorn, the Goat
Chinese Sign Rat
Element Earth


Sherry met Deimos when she was at Harvard. They became fast friends then best friends and at last, lovers. They had a strong relationship because they built their love from scratch as friends. This strong relationship led to Sherry and Deimos' affair one night. Upon knowing that Sherry is pregnant, Deimos left her without a trace. Sherry, who didn't knew about the incident, decided she was raped. As Sherry is living alone, she felt even more sadder when Deimos left her. She had no choice but to raise the unborn child by herself. Unfortunately, when she was giving birth, she didn't have enough strength and died while giving birth to Evergreen. Evergreen survived but her mother did not. The nurses went through Sherry's records and found out her family and contacted them about what happened to her and the child. They asked her grandparents - the ones who answered the call - to get her to take care of her as her mother was dead. Her grandparents, Vincent and Pauline brought her to their home at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They named her Evergreen after the evergreen tree at Sherry's grave in honor of their deceased daughter. Their way of living was simple but strict and taught her good manners as she grew up. At school, she radiated an aura of terror, which led to her being disliked by many of her classmates.

Things started to become strange when she reached the age of thirteen. She began to see things but she ignored them. She told this to her grandparents and they said it was nothing, just her eyes playing tricks on her. These "tricks" worsened as every year passed. She got attacked by different monsters - hellhounds, harpies and even a manticore - and by miracle when she was about to be attacked by the monster, it stops dead with an arrow pierced in it. She wondered who shot the arrow but never thought much about it as long as she lived. She lived those years with great caution and threat.

Finally, on her seventeenth birthday, she got attacked again: two hellhounds smelled her demigod blood. On her way from school, the hellhounds leaped out of the bushes and bared their teeth on her. She wasn't scared of them. but was threatened. She looked for an opening behind her and sprinted as fast as she could to lose them. She hid in a nearby glen and looked around cautiously for any sign of them. But suddenly she slipped on the damp soil and tumbled down the glen which was pretty steep. She bumped her head on a rock and fell unconscious.

Upon waking up, she felt her head painful but a soothing feeling countered it. She looked up and saw a satyr. She stood straight up in surprise and caution. The satyr introduced himself and explained things like what are the hellhounds are, how he sensed that she is demigod and who she really is. He also told her he was the one who killed the monsters who chased her back then. Evergreen was taught not to talk to strangers and listen to their bribes. But there was something with this guy. She felt as if she has to come with him. Her feelings overcame her strict way of life and eventually followed him to camp. Upon arriving, she was claimed by no other than her father, Deimos. Then she remembered about her grandparents, and became worried they were looking for her all the time she was away. She asked the satyr that accompanied her to take her to her home for a while to tell them she was okay. The satyr agreed so they set out for her home at Connecticut. Upon arriving, she and the satyr explained to her grandparents what happened. Her grandparents couldn't believe a single bit of their story but after many pleadings, they reluctantly agreed for the satyr to take her back and live there at Camp Half-Blood.

Background Info
Hometown Cambridge, Massachusetts
Type of Smarts Booksmarts
Religious Views Humanism
Earliest Memory Her grandparents playing with her.
Firsts Kiss = None

Sex = None
Love = Gavin, her ninth grade classmate though she broke up with him the year after.
Fight = With a classmate when she was very young.

Deimos, her godly father.
Father Deimos
Mother Sherry Fernandez ✝
Grandfather Vincent Fernandez
Grandmother Pauline Fernandez nee' Sweets
Siblings Various children of Deimos


Eye Colour Grayish
Hair Colour Blonde
Height 5'5"
Weight 134 lbs
Nationality American
Native Language English
Ethnicity Caucasian
Accent None
Handedness Ambidextrous
Shoe Size 5 1/2
Blood Type O
Voice Alto 1
Eye Sight 20/20
Skin Tone Fair
Languages Spoken English
Health Status Healthy
Abilities Melee Fighter
Adept at daggers and throwing weapons
Clothing Style Light clothing
Distinguishing Marks None
Body Style Slender
Gait Average


General Info
Relationship Status Single
Nicknames Ever
Current Location Deimos' Cabin, Camp Half-Blood
Pets None
Likes Books


Dislikes Bad behavior of others


Fears/Phobias None, as she is a daughter of Deimos.
Hobbies Reading

Listening to music

Motto WIP
Things She Won't Do Let herself gain weight
Person She Secretly Admires None at the moment.
Most Influenced By Grandparents
Most Important Person Before Camp Grandparents
Most Important Person Now Herself
Immediate Goals Train her skills
Long Term Goals None at the moment.

Vices None
Bad Habits Procastinating
Sleeping Habits Slightly insomniac
Quirks Hitting people when not answering promptly.

Dream Job To either become a writer/author or senator
Current Job Demigod-in-training

Colour Red, dark shades of pink and black
Music Classical
Food Salads, cakes & seafood dishes
Animal Blue Robins
Book Mystery or suspense books




Skills Adept at close to mid quarter combat, daggers and throwing weapons
Weapon of Choice Fan with 3 uses: as a bladed fan, a bladed circle or multi-bladed dagger
Strengths Offensive and stamina
Weaknesses Defensive
Quests Led 0
Quests Been On 0
Abilities and Traits


Being a child of Deimos:
  1. She has the ability to send a wave of terror out in front of her which causes anyone effected by it to imagine something they fear; the bigger the wave, the more energy used.
  2. She has the ability to unleash her battle-lust and fight to her full potential; however, she is temporarily blind to friend or foe and attack anyone nearby.
  3. She, upon eye contact, can perpetuate a state of pure terror which brings the thought of a great disaster to the forefront of the mind of the person she made eye contact with, making them panic.
  4. She can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  5. She is innately proficient in most forms of combat and hold a higher state of physical prowess.
  6. As more people near her are affected by fear, she becomes stronger.
  7. She has the ability to calm the fear of others.
  8. She is generally immune to fear and terror.

General Personality
Being born in a strict family, she is a serious and strict person. She criticizes the bad behavior of her peers. She can sometimes be like "what she wants is what she gets" and if she doesn't, it might invoke her anger in her friends. She is impatient and dislikes people who don't answer her promptly. She has social awkwardness because of her personality; but despite of that, she has a great sense of justice, defending her allies at all costs. She is also brave and fearless, ready to take on any challenge that comes her way.

Reacts to a Crisis? Calmly
Face Their Problems? Seriously
Reacts to Change Adapts to change in a fast pace
Alignment Neutral

Attitude Serious, strict, bossy
Personality Half anti-social, half-social
Talents Writing
Social Skills Has social awkwardness
Mannerisms Anger is invoked whenever she doesn't get what she wants.
Peculiarities Hits people when they don't answer her quickly.

One Word to Describe Critic
Best Physical Trait Face
Worst Physical Trait Feet
Things to Change About Self Be more social to others.
Mental State Balanced
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Emotional Stability Normal

Greatest Fear None
Most at Ease When? Alone
Priorities WIP
Past Failures None
Biggest Accomplishment None
Darkest Secret None
Secret Known by Anyone? No
Personal Tragedy Her mother dying when she was giving birth to her.
Outlook on Life Positive
One Wish WIP
Character Flaw Insists on getting what she wants.



Relationships with Others
Ever Cheated? No
Relates to Others? No
Perceived by Strangers No
Perceived by Lover Yes, formerly.
Perceived by Friends No
Perceived by Family Yes
First Impression Serious
Family/Friends Like Most? None
Family/Friends Like Least None
Name Relation Feelings
Deimos Father I don't know anything about him. My feelings for him are either good or bad.
Sherry Fernandez Mother I never knew her but I think she loves me.
Vincent and Pauline Fernandez Grandparents I love them. After all, they looked after me after all those years.
Deimos' Cabin residents Siblings I guess they're fine but seriously, its hard to scold them all.
Gavin Former boyfriend We're friends after we broke up so I'm in good terms with him.

Camp Life


Out of Character
Role Character Plays Demigod
Inspiration Behind Creation Erza Scarlet
Future Goals WIP
Current Relationship WIP
Current Active RP's WIP
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