Apate's Cabin

Main Plan

  • Tiel is going to rush to the trees, making Eva follow him. Then he will mimic the growl of a hellhound to catch her off guard and attack her.
  • Tiel is going to make Eva's weapon go against her will. If successful, Tiel will create an illusion of an attack to catch her off guard, snatch her sword and throw it in the distance.
  • When Tiel loses one or two of his sword - tonfas, he will create a fake copies of those.
  • Tiel will distract Eva with an illusion of a flash of light.

Other Derivatives

  • Tiel is going to make Eva face the other way and go there instead. As she heads for that direction, Tiel will rush to the trees to hide (if he loses his weapons at this point, he will hide to make fake copies). When Eva tries to go for the trees, Tiel will mimic the sound of a hellhound.