Creation of Hermes, Guardian of the Ram
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Basic Info
Full Name Aries (He was named after the 1st Zodiac sign.)
Pronunciation ˈAHR-eesˈ
Meaning The ram, battle strife
Born March 25th
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Animal spirit
Sexuality Straight
Status Alive
Zodiac Sign Aries, the Ram
Chinese Sign Unknown
Element Fire


For years, the gods and goddesses have watched on while the humans developed through the years, as they advanced both personally and technologically. Lately one thing has become quite clear to them; humans have a habit of being very irresponsible when it comes to their environment and the animals that reside within that environment. They came to a decision, fearing for the safety and longevity of their sacred animals, they have decided to create a special group of nymphs to help protect their sacred animals.

These nymphs’ life forces are each attached to the animal they are a nymph of; if that animal becomes extinct, the nymph will die. The gods considered the fact that here are thousands of animals and creatures that roam the earth, but not wanting to over extend their powers, they have decided to only concern themselves with the animals that are sacred to them.

When they aren’t out in the world helping other nymphs and helping to protect their animals, they spend their time at camp.

Background Info

Hometown Olympus
Type of Smarts Animalsmarts
Religious Views None
Earliest Memory Being created by Hermes.
Firsts Kiss = None.

Sex = None.
Love = None.
Fight = None.



Eye Colour
Hair Colour
Height 5'7"
Weight 132 lbs
Nationality Olympian
Native Language Ram
Ethnicity Caucasian
Accent None
Handedness Right-handed
Shoe Size 6
Blood Type AB
Voice Tenor 2
Eye Sight 20/20
Skin Tone Fair
Languages Spoken English
Health Status Healthy
Clothing Style
Distinguishing Marks None
Body Style Average
Gait Average

General Info
Relationship Status Single
Nicknames Ris
Current Location Camp Half-Blood
Pets None
Likes Rams
Travelling the world
Dislikes Ram-haters and oppressors
No internet connection
Fears/Phobias Batrachophobia (amphibians especially frogs), Claustrophobia (closed and tight spaces), Triskaidekaphobia (Number 13; his weirdest fear)
Hobbies Jogging
Surfing the net
Doing some football
Motto WIP
Things He Won't Do Don't go to 9gag or Teen Derp for a week.
Don't get that IPhone 5.
Fail Hermes.
Person He Secretly Admires None at the moment.
Most Influenced By Hermes
Most Important Person Before Camp Friends
Most Important Person Now Himself
Immediate Goals Use the internet.
Do something about the rams.
Long Term Goals Maybe become a world trekker.

Vices Impatience
Bad Habits Nose picking
Sleeping Habits Somniloquy (Sleep talking)
Quirks Grinds his teeth

Dream Job Become a world explorer/trekker.
Current Job Animal spirit

Colour Orange, yellow and brown
Music Rock, Pop, R&B
Food Tomato dishes, Onion bread, Garlic crackers, ginger ale
Animal Rams
Book Anything funny, from simple to green-minded hilarity





Skills Great reflexes and athletic moves
Weapons of Choice
Strengths Speed, stamina, dexterity
Weaknesses Defensive
Quests Led 0
Quests Been On 0
Abilities and Traits

Being an animal spirit:

  1. He has a telepathic/empathetic connection with nature and other nymphs. He also has a special, stronger, connection with other animal nymphs.
  2. As he is a spirit, he does not age, remaining eternally young.
  3. His senses of smell, sight and hearing are more enhanced, enabling him to sniff out monsters, track down demigods, etc.
  4. He is able to summon animals to aid him, she have the best control over rams.
  5. His life force is attached to rams, so if rams were to go extinct he would die.
  6. He is able to turn into a ram.
  7. While in ram form he has all the normal abilities of a ram.
  8. While in regular spirit/person form, he only retains passive characteristics/traits from rams.

General Personality
Aries is full of energy, especially when he lays hands on a computer or gadget. When saying things, he is direct and straightforward. He shows great liking on travelling, like the children of Hermes. He is pioneering and adventurous. He is also freedom-loving and carefree.

However, Aries can be selfish, unsubtle, rash, impatient and... green-minded. This is the downside of his directness in talking. His selfishness leads to his egotistical side. He prioritizes himself first. Coupled with this is his blunt side. Aries is also not used to losing and failing.

Reacts to a Crisis? Rashly
Face Their Problems? Rushing too much to surpass the problem.
Reacts to Change Adapts to change fast.
Alignment Neutral

Attitude Energetic, freedom-loving, egotist.
Personality Social
Talents Speed typing (if that counts)
Social Skills Good
Mannerisms Snaps his fingers
Peculiarities None

One Word to Describe Internet addict
Best Physical Trait
Worst Physical Trait Feet
Things to Change About Self Try to become calmer and take it slowly when facing his problems.
Mental State Balanced
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Emotional Stability Normal

Greatest Fear Amphibians, closed/tight spaces and the number 13.
Most at Ease When? In front of the computer.
Priorities Himself. And of course, the rams.
Past Failures None
Biggest Accomplishment None
Darkest Secret None
Secret Known by Anyone? No
Personal Tragedy None
Outlook on Life Positive
One Wish Travel every place in the world.
Character Flaw Rash, egotistic, selfish.



Relationships with Others
Ever Cheated? No
Relates to Others? WIP
Perceived by Strangers WIP
Perceived by Lover WIP
Perceived by Friends WIP
Perceived by Family WIP
First Impression Talkative
Family/Friends Like Most? Hermes (if it counts as family)
Family/Friends Like Least WIP
Name Relation Feelings
Hermes "Father" and creator Well, I won't fail him. Why would I fail, anyway?

Camp Life


Out of Character
Role Character Plays Demigod
Inspiration Behind Creation None
Future Goals WIP
Current Relationship WIP
Current Active RP's WIP