Rough History Outline

  • Evangeline, her mom, gets rescued by Plutus, a god who had his eyes laid on her. In return, she asked him of whatever she wanted, just to return the great favor. Plutus replied by professing his love to her. Actually, Evangeline also fell in love with him because of what he did during the accident. From there, their love blossomed. Soon thereafter, Evangeline got pregnant to a baby girl, made by her and Plutus' love.
  • It is later revealed that Evangeline is a daughter of Apollo, and that a child of Hecate was hunting her down for an accident that she thought was murder. She uses magic to disguise herself as a frail fortune-teller, and tells Evangeline's "fortune" while cursing her child in the background.
  • She uses very dark magic, which she invented herself, to curse the child. She sensed that the soon-to-be born baby will be a demigod, specifically of a sky-related god (her magic cannot penetrate much deeper info than that). That being said, she attached the baby's life force to bag of numerous golden coins. She then gave it to Evangeline as a gift of gratitude for having curiosity to try her fortune-telling. Evangeline refused, for she wanted no money, and left.
  • However, the child of Hecate didn't give up. Using the power of teleportation, she transported the bag of coins to a secret hiding place in Evangeline's house.
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